2006 FRANZCP Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists


    1998 Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery -Medicine, University of Queensland St Lucia, Brisbane


    1996 B. Med. Sci. University of Queensland St Lucia, Brisbane

    ▪ Thesis in Medical History “Concepts in Embryology in Medieval Europe: the Quaestiones of Mondino De’Liuzzi”

    ▪ Involved 4-month period in Bologna, Italy examining primary sources.
    ▪ Examined development in philosophical concepts as it impacted upon ideas in

    science, medicine and more specifically embryology.


    1990 Brisbane State High School South Brisbane, Brisbane Senior Certificate

    ▪ Tertiary Entrance Score: 990 (Top 1%)
    ▪ Received biology prize for highest mark in biology

    ▪ Received proficiency award for overall achievement

    Use a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story.


    Jan 2011 - current , Private Practice,

    201 Wickham Tce, Brisbane


    ▪ Psychiatric care of patients in an outpatient setting

    ▪ Family law and medico legal matters
    ▪ 4 sessions per week


    July 2010 - current, Private Practice,

    Toowong Private Hospital


    ▪ Inpatient care


    Jan 2009- 2013, Mental Health Review Tribunal Brisbane, Qld.

    Psychiatric/Medical Member

    ▪ Experience in the application of the Mental Health Act with regard to patient’s under involuntary treatment orders and forensic orders.

    ▪ Experience in Forensic settings as well as general psychiatric settings both public and private.

    ▪ Working collaboratively with legal members and community members.


    Jan 2007- 2014, Princess Alexandra Hospital Woolloongabba, Qld

    Staff Psychiatrist

    ▪ Working in a Consultant capacity with clinical leadership of an integrated team including inpatient and community-based treatment.

    ▪ Extensive involvement in the teaching of registrars with responsibility for the written examination preparation course for Queensland trainees as well as locally based clinical exam preparation.

    ▪ Involvement in medical student teaching and examinations.

    ▪ Outreach to “The Healing Centre”, an indigenous organisation which provides assessment, treatment and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members with mental health issues.

    ▪ Clinical academic title of senior lecturer awarded by University of Queensland.


    Nov 2006-Jan 2007, Royal Melbourne Hospital Parkville, Vic.

    Consultant Psychiatrist (Locum)

    ▪ Served as consultant psychiatrist on a locum capacity within a number of roles at Royal Melbourne Hospital including community and inpatient


    Feb 2006-Nov 2006, Royal Melbourne Hospital Parkville, Vic.

    Principal Psychiatric Registrar and Academic Fellow

    ▪ Principal registrar for the Inner West Mental Health Service which includes Royal Melbourne Hospital with responsibility for the smooth running of on-call arrangements, representing registrar needs within a number of internal committees and dealing with any problems within the registrar group.

    ▪ A senior registrar role on the Bleuler ward, John Cade Unit, with a supervisory role for junior registrars and medical officers.

    ▪ Clinical responsibility acting in a consultant role for an inpatient team of nine beds incorporating rehabilitation and homeless streams under supervision of the clinical director.

    ▪ Teaching role for junior registrars within service as well as medical officers on inpatient unit.

    ▪ Coordinating and teaching of local and North West Region trainees for OSCI component of RANZCP Clinical Exams.

    ▪ As Academic Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne, responsible for the coordination of medical student teaching across the Northwest region of Melbourne including lecture program, tutorials and clinical placement across 6 hospitals for more than 100 students a year.

    ▪ Provide a number of lectures and tutorials for medical students including problem based learning and case presentations.

    ▪ Coordinate clinical exams on Royal Melbourne site for medical students as well as being involved as an examiner.

    ▪ Responsible for coordinating a weekly academic meeting of the Department of Psychiatry- “The Monday Colloquium” which boasts both local and international speakers.

    ▪ Local Hospital Co-ordinator for both OCI and OSCI component of the RANZCP clinical examinations.


    Feb 2005-Feb 2006, Royal Melbourne Hospital Parkville, Vic.

    Senior Psychiatric Registrar

    ▪ Registrar position in the Mobile Support and Treatment Team, an intensive outreach and rehabilitation model of care and the Community Care Unit, a long-term psychiatric rehabilitation facility

    ▪ Experience gained in the management of patients with chronic and severe psychiatric disability and complex needs.

    ▪ Experience also gained in the management of teams within a rehabilitation model with the running of clinical meetings and overall responsibility for both teams when the consultant was absent.

    ▪ Responsible for the supervision and management of junior medical officers within the team with a number being successfully recruited to commence psychiatric training.

    ▪ Some teaching responsibilities with medical students from the University of Melbourne with provision of lectures, tutorials and clinical viva examinations.

    ▪ Successful in clinical component of RANZCP examinations at first attempt.

    ▪ Continued accredited advanced training in generalist stream.


    Jan 2004-Feb 2005 Royal Melbourne Hospital Parkville, Vic.

    Psychiatric Registrar

    ▪ Accredited training in Neuropsychiatry.

    ▪ Experience gained in the inpatient assessment and management of a wide range of

    neuropsychiatric disorders.

    ▪ Developed clinical skills in bedside cognitive assessment as well as understanding and integration of neuropsychological testing into complex psychiatric assessments.

    ▪ Responsible for referral process and bed coordination of 8 designated neuropsychiatric beds within a statewide service.

    ▪ Responsibility for supervision of junior medical officers.

    ▪ Passed RANZCP written examinations at first attempt with overall performance in

    top 5% of cohort.

    ▪ Retrospective accreditation in advanced training in “generalist stream” approved by College


    August 2003-Jan 2004, Royal Melbourne Hospital Parkville, Vic.

    Psychiatric Registrar

    ▪ Accredited training in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry at a major teaching hospital.


    Feb 2003-August 2003, The Melbourne Clinic Richmond, Vic.

    Psychiatric Registrar

    ▪ Registrar position in the “Professorial Unit”
    ▪ Experience gained in the private setting of general adult and psychiatry of old age.


    July 2002-Jan 2003, Redlands Hospital

    Psychiatric Registrar

    ▪ Rural and remote experience including servicing the Bay Islands

    ▪ Accredited training in acute integrated setting.


    Jan 2002-July 2002, Royal Children’s Hospital Cleveland, Qld, Herston, Qld.

     Psychiatric Registrar

    ▪ Accredited training in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

    ▪ Experience gained in acute inpatient treatment of young people in Child and Family

    Therapy Unit (CFTU) and Consultation-Liaison at Royal Children’s Hospital


    Jan 2001-Jan 2002, Logan Hospital Meadowbrook, Qld.

    Psychiatric Registrar

    ▪ Accredited training in psychiatry in acute integrated setting.

    ▪ Queensland rotational psychiatry committee reports (Form C) – every report recorded “excellent”.

    ▪ Passed first-year examination first attempt.


    July 2000-Jan 200, Logan Hospital Meadowbrook, Qld.

    Principal House Officer

    ▪ Non-accredited training in Psychiatry in acute inpatient setting with experience also gained in emergency psychiatry.

    ▪ Responsibility for “Bed Co-ordination” of the inpatient unit.


    Jan 2000-July 2000, Royal Brisbane Hospital Herston, Qld.

    Junior House Office

    ▪ Terms completed in Psychiatry, Heart Transplant Medicine and Neurology


    Jan 1999-Jan 2000, Royal Brisbane Hospital Herston, Qld.


    ▪ Terms completed in Psychiatry, General Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Emergency Medicine and Neurosurgery


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    2011 Reviewer for Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica

    2011 Reviewer for Health Research Board, Republic of Ireland


    2010 Reviewer for Archives of General Psychiatry.

    2009 Reviewer for Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. 2009 Reviewer for Psychopathology.

    2009 Reviewer for Psychiatry Research.


    2010- 2013 Chair of Queensland Branch Committee of the RANZCP

    ▪ Chair of state based representative body for psychiatrists.

    2007- 2010 Secretary of Queensland Branch Committee of the RANZCP .

    ▪ Secretary of state based representative body for psychiatrists.


    2007 Member of Queensland Branch Committee of the RANZCP .

    ▪Member of state based representative body for psychiatrists.


    2007- 2009 Member of the Academic Sub-committee of the Queensland Branch Training Committee of the RANZCP

    ▪ Development of teaching curriculum for registrars in Queensland.

    2006 Advanced Training Representative North West Region Branch Training Committee.

    ▪ Responsibilities include representation of advanced trainee issues to local branch training committee.


    2001 First Year Representative for Australian and New Zealand Psychiatrists-in- training (ANZAPT).

    ▪ Responsibilities included representation of 1st year trainee issues via communication with and attendance at QLD Branch Training Committee Academic sub-committee and Queensland Branch of ANZAPT


    1997 Editor of Newsletter of Qld Medical Student’s Association.

    ▪ Elected position involving writing, collating and editing content of newsletter.


    1993 General Secretary of University of Queensland Student Union.

    ▪ Elected position from general student body of University of Queensland.
    ▪ Full-time paid position that involved representational as well as administrative duties.

    ▪ Applied and received funding from numerous governmental sources for a number of projects including “Health Week on Campus” and a study on the housing needs of economically disadvantaged students.

    ▪ Student representative on a number of university committees including selection committees including the selection committee for Pro-Vice Chancellor Health Sciences and the excellence in teaching award committee. I was also the student representative on the university disciplinary committee.


    1991 Medical Faculty Representative, University of Queensland Union Council.

    ▪ Elected position from undergraduate medical student body.

    ▪ Member of student union Health and Safety Committee.


    Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry.


    General and specialist registration, Medical Board of Queensland (Reg no 982096)


    Italian (intermediate proficiency)


    2010 Finalist in Oral Presentation Prize- PA week

    ▪ Finalist in annual academic competition open to “young investigators” across all specialities and disciplines.


    2009 Winner Of Poster Prize- PA Week

    ▪ Judged best poster in annual academic competition open to “young investigators” across all specialities and disciplines.


    1996 Awarded Summer Scholarship University of Queensland

    ▪ Scholarship awarded to examine the technical difficulties in producing optical lenses as described by medieval scientists.


    1996 Awarded Australian Medical Student Association Scholarship

    ▪ Scholarship awarded to assist in overseas travel costs involved in research required for my thesis for B. Med Sci.


    1996 Awarded Italo-Australian Society Scholarship.

    ▪ Scholarship awarded for research undertaken in Italy by an Australian student.


    1995 Winner of Qld. Medico-Legal Society Essay Competition

    ▪ Competition open to all Queensland medical students.
    ▪ Essay dealt with impact of Rogers v Whittaker and informed decision making.


    Professor John McGrath

    Queensland Brain Institute University of Queensland Brisbane QLD 4072 Australia

    Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research The Park Centre for Mental Health
    Wacol QLD 4076 Australia


    Dr Paul Schneider

    Director Continuing Care Team (North/ West) Princess Alexandra Hospital
    Woolloongabba QLD


    Dr Balaji Motamarri

    A/Clinical Director
    Mental Health
    Princess Alexandra Hospital Woolloongabba. QLD